For privacy reasons, aliases have been used in some cases.

What people have to say.

Practical advice that was effective and meaningful

Jaime was superb in our time of need for our daughter. He was a genuine listening ear and offered practical advice that was effective and meaningful. He really made a difference in our daughter’s life and his advice has stuck with her as she moved forward. We are very grateful.

Friendly and approachable

Recently I had cause to seek advice from Jaime Abad. I found him to be friendly and approachable. Implementing his counsel has brought about a great improvement in a very strained relationship. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any of friends, family or acquaintances who may need some independent counsel.

Space to think when you are tortured inside

After diagnosis of a terminal illness, I found Jaime’s counsel helped me to settle my inner torment about how to keep on living while I was dying. He has enormous warmth and sensitivity. He was able to help unravel my conflicted feelings so that I could understand them.

He really has a wonderful way of listening. It gives you space to think and when you are tortured inside, it liberates you to be with someone like that.
Alice ghent

Jaime understands kids who bridge multiple cultures

Finding Jaime was fortuitous for both my teenagers, who needed help processing some of their anxieties. He was easy for them to talk to, and helped them unpack their feelings. He made them feel it was ok and natural to have the emotions they were having, steering them to discover some coping mechanisms themselves. As we are a multi-national family, an added bonus was the fact that Jaime understands kids who bridge multiple cultures, languages and nationalities within their heritage.