Why Longer Table?

When you have more than you need build a longer table not a higher fence.
Author unknown

As humans, we are sometimes better at building fences than at building communal tables. Feeding people is a way to move forward because there is something sacred and healing about eating together. The very act of sitting down around food means that everything, and everyone, has to stop and be present. It creates a safe space for huge amounts of laughter and storytelling; it compels us to truly look into the faces of others.

Seeking help, guidance, counselling, coaching, therapy (whatever you wish to call it) has parallels. By sitting in a safe space, looking into the face of another and being able to tell our story – we move forward. Just like sharing a meal and conversation around a table, therapy also has the capacity to open and heal wounds, explore brokenness, reclaim old parts of ourselves, destroy tension, and renew love. 

More than ever it is time to use the skills, experience, training we have to gather people and feed them. It is time to create places where people have the space to rest and think and seek counsel. My way of doing that is by volunteering, working in the humanitarian sector and by offering my skills to help you face and manage challenges in your life.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Perhaps you are in the middle of grief, are struggling with challenges in your relationships, care for those with developmental delays, are a victim of past trauma. I am here to help as best I can. You are welcome at this table. I often talk about maintaining a small circle and that’s important. But in terms of your life circle, anyone who you can help or positively influence – bring them along for the ride! Do not shut them out by building a taller fence.

By taking the first step and seeking counseling – you are increasing the length of your table and building towards peace.